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Modular Building System (Agrément certificate 90/205)

The FSM Building System is based on a module of 915mm. The skeleton of a building consists of a precision made, bolted, pressed steel framework
which does not rely on the wall cladding for any support whatsoever, and is in itself a rigid structure.

The steel roof is a unique design, each roof unit is one module wide and is made up of three frames, the bottom frame acting as a support for the ceiling. When bolted together the roof becomes a rigid unit adding to the strength of the structure.

In addition, the roof is designed to span the full width of the building, so that internal partitions can be completely removed without affecting the stability of the structure.

The ceiling height can be specified at 2.4m (standard), 2.7m (hot climate), 3m to 4.2m (classrooms, kitchens, storage etc)

Floor and Base Frame

The external walls are supported on a 2,5mm “Z” shaped base frame, which in turn is bolted to the concrete or brick perimeter wall. A light foundation is required under the outer walls only, internal walls are supported on the concrete floor slab.


Exterior and interior walls are made from 9mm Nutec sheets which are asbestos free. The total wall thickness is 95mm with a cavity of 75mm. Of this cavity, a 25mm polystyrene sheet is bonded to the inner wall panel to improve insulation. Optional wall panels include 0.58mm Cromadek or Fibre Cement ‘woodgrain’ boards. Internal partitions are made from a Nutec and polystyrene sandwich panel.


All interior doors are 40mm hollow core construction with a decorative woodgrain finish. Exterior doors can be clad with a chromadek skin or solid timber doors can be specified. Single or double glass doors can also be specified for offices or stores. The rebated door frames are made from 1,6mm steel. Exterior doors are fitted with a 3 lever mortice lock and interior doors with a 2 lever lock.


Steel or aluminuim windows are supplied as a complete unit with glazing. Curtain tracks, burglar bars, blinds, fly screens, etc. can be supplied if required.

Roof and Ceiling

The roof is a bolted steel structure with an integral ceiling supporting frame. The ceiling is insulated with reflective aluminium foil or a fibre glass insulation blanket. The ceiling boards are 6mm thick fibre cement panels and the roof is covered with 0.6mm galvanized IBR sheeting. Facias, gutters and down pipes can be supplied if required. Alternative roof sheeting such as chromadek, harvey tiles, fibre cement, etc can be specified.

Electrical Installation

SABS approved Electrical Harness kits are supplied for quicker installation and relocation. All switches and plug points are flush mounted and conduits are concealed in the wall cavity. A fully equipped distribution board is supplied with each kit.

Plumbing Installation

Supplied in kit form with standard white earthenware fittings unless otherwise specified. “Kwikot” electric hot water heater with pressure control valve is supplied for the hot water supply.

Optional Extras

Kitchen furniture and built-in cupboards in various finishes.
Floor cover – vinyl tiles, carpet, ceramic tiles etc.
Ceramic tiles for the kitchen and or bathroom
Extended roof overhangs or bolt on veranda roof
Burglar bars, security doors
Air conditioners, ceiling fans etc.

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