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Interlocking Panel System

These buildings have been designed to provide low cost basic accommodation, without compromising on quality. The construction is suitable for both temporary and permanent situations. Only approved materials are used which give the buildings a life span in excess of 20 years. The design is based on a module of 915mm. The buildings are supplied in knocked down condition, and can rapidly be assembled on site as all components are interlocking.

The buildings are available in four spans:- 2,8m; 3,7m; 4,6m and 5,5m (3, 4, 5 and 6 modules) with a wall height of 2,4m. The only restriction to the length of a building is practical considerations such as length of floor slab in unsuitable ground conditions.


Salient features

  • Buildings can be easily relocated without loss of material.
  • No screws or bolts are required for the assembly as all components are interlocking.
  • Due to the modular design the layout can be varied to suit any particular application.
  • When in knocked down condition a minimum of space is required for storage or transportation.
  • Lightweight – approximately 65 kg /m² of floor area for the basic construction.


Base and Floor

A galvanized base frame is supplied which can be placed directly on the ground but preferably a concrete base should be provided. A portable boarded floor resting on a galvanized steel ground sheet can be supplied where a concrete floor is not desirable.

Single Skin Walls

The wall panels are normally 12mm thick “Nutec” asbestos free fibrecement boards. Alternatively an exterior grade chipboard with an acrylic coating can be supplied. The wall panels are clamped between galvanized pressed steel uprights which fit into the base frame and are held on top by a similar wall frame.

Insulated Walls

An insulated wall panel can be supplied where additional protection against heat or cold is required. These panels have a 25mm polystyrene core with a 12mm fibre cement board externally and a 6mm fibre cement board internally. This sandwich panel is extremely strong with excellent insulation properties.

Doors and Windows

The steel door frame and the complete window frame are galvanised. The door panels are manufactured from galvanized steel sheeting and fitted with a sliding bolt or rim lock. The windows are glazed with 3mm acrylic sheet fixed with PVC beadings to reduce breakages.



The roof consists of interlocking, galvanized pressed steel panels resting on the wall frame and a ridge beam. Insulation of the roof can be provided by one of two methods:-

  1. The roof panels are insulated with a 30mm polystyrene panel covered with a galvanized panel. The three materials are bonded together forming a strong “Sandwich” panel.
  2. A horizontal ceiling of galvanized steel troughs insulated with “Insufoil” reflective aluminium on a PVC air bubble backing.


Optional Extras


  • Complete electric and plumbing installation in kit form.
  • Boarded floor.
  • Insulated roof and ceiling
  • Bolt-on verandah roof.
  • Burglar bars and fly screens for windows can be supplied.

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