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Folding Mobile Unit

Our Folding Mobile Unit has a floor area of 14.4m² and consists of a base with exactly the same dimensions as a 20 ft container. It weighs approximately 1700 kg. In its folded state the unit measures 570mm in height. These units can be stacked to a maximum of 5 units on top of each other for transport or storage purposes. The unit has a roof structure that acts as a cover in its folded state. This is the only loose component on the unit, all other movable sections are hinged or fastened to the unit. A crane or other lifting device is required for erection of this unit with a minimum load capacity of 2 tons at full extension. The use of high quality materials ensures excellent durability with little or no maintenance.


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Base Frame and Floor

  • The base frame or chassis is a robust welded steel frame, which can withstand the stresses and strains of transportation and placement on site. A high quality anti corrosive primer and paint is applied to the base frame. The four corners of the base frame have container blocks welded into it, this in conjunction with the container blocks in the roof structure allow for stacking of the units on top of each other.
  • The floor consists of 16mm Magnesium oxide boards. The floor is covered with 1,85mm heavy duty vinyl floor sheeting with sealed joints. Optional board types (marine ply, Bisondura, etc) are also available.


The wall panels consist of a 60mm polystyrene core with 0,6mm chromadek skin bonded to both sides. The edges of each panel have a patented locking system giving a weatherproof flush joint between the wall panels.

Other advantages of this system are:-

  • The chromadek skin is supported over the whole area, giving an extremely strong panel with a solid feel.
  • The 60mm thick polystyrene core has insulation properties superior to a 230mm brick wall, is fire retardant and does not give off poisonous gases in the case of a severe fire. U-value = 0,6 W/M² ºC.
  • No condensation problems – as occur in cavity wall constructions.
  • All electrical wiring is concealed in the core of one wall panel.
  • All wall panels are hinged to the steel base section via a heavy duty industrial piano hinge.

* An additional internal partitioning wall may be installed into the unit. Should this be required a second external door is also fitted. The partitioning wall is also hinged within the roof structure allowing the user to divide the unit into two offices or leaving it as one. The partition panel consists of a 20mm polystyrene core with 0.6mm chromadek skin bonded to both sides. The partition is supplied with adjustable rubber edges to ensure a tight seal against the exterior wall panels.

Roof and Ceiling

The same panel system as for the walls is used for the roof and ceiling with the exception that 0,6mm galvanized sheet is used outside and chromadek inside.

  • Joints between the roof panels are waterproofed by the application of a fiberglass strip fixed with adhesive to the supplier’s specification or a rubberising layer.
  • The insulation value of the roof and ceiling panel is the same as for the walls.
  • The roof structure also consists of a steel apron which acts as a cover for the folding unit when in storage or being transported. The corners of the steel apron are reinforced to enable the stacking of units on one another. The four corners of the roof structure have container blocks welded into it, this in conjunction with the container blocks in the base frame allow for stacking of the units on top of each other using cones or locking devices as used in the container industry.


40mm Polystyrene core construction with chromadek exterior skin folded around all edges.


Anodised aluminum windows with 4mm clear glass

Electric Wiring

All electrical fittings flush mounted and supplied with distribution board as required


The FSM Folding unit is protected per patent number 2005/01480


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