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Fast Space Mobiles

Fast Space Mobiles

The Mobile Units are assembled in factory-controlled conditions, under expert supervision. The use of first class materials together with a robust design ensures the quality for which FSM Products have become known. The units are available in various sizes and internal layouts can be designed to customers’ requirements.



Manufactured from 2.5mm or 3mm steel lipped channel with heavy duty cross members welded together into a rigid ladder frame.



16mm Thick Magnesium Oxide floor panels on steel supports. Heavy duty vinyl sheeting or carpet can be specified as a floor cover.



Sandwich panel with 60mm Polystyrene core with 0.5 – 0,6mm chromadek external and internal skin. Both exterior and interior skins are bonded to the polystyrene core by a special process resulting in an extremely strong panel. The panel has a patented interlocking profiled edge, which gives a flush, weather proof joint. The internal panel can be specified as a wood print chromadek finish.

The 60mm thick polystyrene core has insulation properties (U-value = 0,6 W/M² ºC) superior to a 230mm brick wall, is fire retardant and does not give off poisonous gases in the case of a severe fire, as is the case with some polyurethane insulating materials

Roof and Ceiling

Sandwich panel with 0,5mm Galvanised or chromadek profiled outer skin, 60mm polystyrene core and 0.6mm chromadek inner skin which serves as the ceiling. The roof joints overlap to ensure a weatherproof finish. Chromadek fascias are fixed externally.


The windows are made from either aluminium or steel (which is either painted or galvanised depending on client requirements)

Exterior – chromadek clad with a
polystyrene core.
Interior – hollow core with decorative wood grain skin.

Electric Wiring
To customers specification. All electrical fittings are flush mounted in the panels and the wiring channeled inside the 60mm thick panels.

Air Conditioning
To customers specification.

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